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Cladding rectification funding guidelines

Cladding Safety Victoria may provide funding for the rectification of external wall combustible cladding of some higher risk private residential apartment buildings, as assessed by the Victorian Statewide Cladding Audit led by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) or a Municipal Building Surveyor, and through CSV’s own risk prioritisation processes.

Cladding Safety Victoria defines high-risk flammable cladding as external walls on apartment buildings with a rise in storeys of 3 or more (i.e., currently operating as Class 2 Type A construction), that comprise:

  • aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene core of more than 93% by mass in external cladding as part of a wall system; and/or
  • expanded polystyrene products used in cladding.

Funding may be provided for the removal and replacement of other flammable products or non-cladding features/attachments present on these types of buildings if Cladding Safety Victoria determines that their rectification:

  • contributes to the best solution to make a building safe; and
  • provides the most cost-efficient approach to addressing the risk (this would not include Essential Safety Measures) to complement partial removal works where it is proven to be cost-effective.

This means that commercial buildings/operations, serviced apartments, retail and office spaces, townhouses, car parks and buildings used primarily for providing student accommodation, aged care or community housing, will not be considered for funding through this program.

Funding for eligible buildings may be provided to owners corporations to design and implement cladding rectification solutions which comply with the relevant Victorian building regulations.