Statewide Cladding Audit

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is leading a statewide audit on behalf of the Victorian Government.

It assesses:

  • apartment buildings, motels and hotels (3 storeys and above)
  • buildings where Victorians gather as a large group, such as sporting areas
  • private schools, private hospitals and aged care facilities (2 storeys and above)

Since December 2017, over 2200 buildings have been inspected and assessed through the audit.

The Minister for Planning has made the VBA the Municipal Building Surveyor (MBS) for over 300 buildings assessed as having the highest risk from cladding. In these cases, the VBA has assumed the functions of the MBS from the relevant local government.

Through the Statewide Cladding Audit, the VBA works with owners and owners corporations to identify buildings with combustible cladding and assess the relative risks for these buildings.

For more information about the audit, visit the Statewide Cladding Audit website.

Reviewed 30 June 2020

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