What is our due diligence process?

Every building is different, and each has its own complexities. It is Cladding Safety Victoria’s job to ensure a clear plan is in place to fix each eligible building.

In order to do this, and prior to a funding agreement being signed between the owners corporation and Cladding Safety Victoria for eligible buildings, a due diligence process must be completed. This process helps determine how a building will be rectified to keep residents safe and ensure the best use of taxpayer’s funds.

The due diligence process also helps us identify challenges and potential defect repairs that will be needed before cladding works begin. We’ve been clear with owners corporations that we are only funding cladding rectification.

As part of the due diligence process, we will physically inspect each building requiring rectification work. We may take samples of the cladding and other materials from the building.

Our due diligence process may include input from a fire engineer, quantity surveyor and/or other experts depending on what solutions need to be identified and on the individual building.

The due diligence process will allow Cladding Safety Victoria to identify a preferred pathway to rectification for each building, and to determine whether full replacement or partial replacement of cladding is required. A report will be written at the finalisation of the due diligence process which will include an estimate of the funding required to undertake the works.