Find out about Cladding Safety Victoria’s Program

About Cladding Safety Victoria’s Program

Cladding Safety Victoria has been established by the Victorian Government to deliver the $600M investment to tackle the issue of combustible cladding on privately-owned residential apartment buildings across Victoria.

As a result, Cladding Safety Victoria may provide funding for the rectification of external wall combustible cladding of some higher risk, class 2 residential apartments, as assessed by the State-wide Cladding Audit led by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

To be considered for funding, an owners corporation must be responsible for a residential building that has been:

  • assessed as having combustible cladding through the State-wide Cladding Audit, and deemed to be of higher risk
  • subject to a Building Notice or Order related to combustible external wall cladding
  • referred to Cladding Safety Victoria by either the Victorian Building Authority or a local council
  • prioritised for rectification by Cladding Safety Victoria

Cladding Safety Victoria will contact eligible owners corporations to invite participation in the program.

As part of the Statewide Cladding Audit, each building:

  • undergoes an on-site inspection to determine whether combustible cladding is present
  • is assessed by an expert panel to review risks based on the inspection findings
  • will have recommendations made to the local council's Municipal Building Surveyor (MBS) about any required action
  • may be required to undertake emergency works to reduce the immediate risk

If a building is found to be in a higher-risk category, it will be referred to Cladding Safety Victoria.

The Victorian Building Authority and local councils will continue to be responsible for determining that all affected buildings are safe to occupy. Where buildings are considered unsafe, the Victorian Building Authority or your local council will order emergency action.

Cladding Safety Victoria will prioritise in-scope buildings according to risk and readiness, progressively bringing buildings into the program over time.

Cladding Safety Victoria will progressively inform owners corporations if they are eligible to participate in the program.

There are practical constraints on the number of buildings that can be rectified at any one time, which means that the project overall is expected to take five years to complete. These constraints include limited government funding, the availability of fire engineers and other necessary professionals, the requirement to go through approvals processes, including the Building Appeals Board, and the limited resources of Cladding Safety Victoria in assessing hundreds of individual projects.

Find out more about the steps in the rectification process for those buildings identified in the State-wide Cladding Audit and referred to Cladding Safety Victoria’s program.

Reviewed 29 June 2020

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