What is the role of the Independent Project Manager?

Cladding Safety Victoria acknowledges that rectifying combustible cladding is often complicated for owners corporations.

As a practical response to this, Cladding Safety Victoria will assign – and pay for – an Independent Project Manager (IPM) for each funded building in the program. To allow us to do this, we've conducted a tender process to procure the services of a number of experienced project management firms.

The IPM will facilitate each project’s delivery from start to finish. The IPM will work with the owners corporation to procure any professional services needed such as the building surveyor or an architect, will draw up a scope of works and conduct a tender process to appoint a builder and will superintend the process once construction begins.

The IPM will be appointed from one of the contracted firms by Cladding Safety Victoria after a funding decision has been made in relation to the rectification pathway for the building.

Along with the Customer Liaison Officer, the Independent Project Manager will be the key contact for each owners corporation.