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Confirming a project is a priority

Using the project prioritisation confirmation template, confirm a project is a TAFE priority priority.

Confirming the project is a priority

Before committing resources and funds towards a particular initiative, you should formally confirm the project is a current organizational priority, including seeking approval to:

Formalise the TAFE’s acknowledgement of the project

Use the Project Prioritisation Confirmation template to formally confirm the project's priority.

Project Prioritisation Confirmation template

Using the template

The Project Prioritisation Confirmation template can be used for all types of projects and for a variety of purposes such as:

  • to seek sign-off to start a business-as-usual project
  • to seek approval to prepare an internal funding submission for low complexity projects, or
  • to seek approval to prepare an internal funding submission to develop a business case for more complex projects and/or projects seeking external funding from government. Projects seeking funding from government are required to prepare a full business caseExternal Link based on DTF guidance.

Further guidance on how to confirm the project is an organisational priority is outlined within the template.

Reviewed 05 July 2023

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