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Resident information for cladding rectification works

This building is undergoing cladding rectification works to reduce fire risk.

Combustible cladding has been found as part of the Victorian Government's statewide cladding audit. A building notice has been issued by the building regulator, which means apartment owners are obligated to have the cladding fixed and the risk to residents reduced.

Cladding Safety Victoria provides funding to owners corporations of higher-risk buildings to reduce the financial burden on owners and make buildings safer, sooner.

Cladding has been removed and replaced on more than 120 buildings funded by CSV, and many more – like this one – are underway.

CSV is providing support to the owners corporation of this building, who have appointed a builder to carry out works to make this building safer.

The project has a designated project manager to oversee works. You can find their name and contact details on the project noticeboard.

Works may involve scaffolding installation and removal, parts of the external wall being removed and replaced, and adjustments made to fire safety measures and the exits.

These works are complex and may be noisy at times. While disruption is minimised where possible, please note these works are essential for resident safety.

All Cladding Safety Victoria staff and contractors are committed to COVID safety and are required to adhere to relevant public health directions and site-specific COVIDSafe Plans.

Hear more about CSV’S work from the Chief Executive in the video below.

Find out more information about Cladding Safety Victoria or call our public information hotline on 1300 456 542.

Please note, this building has been deemed safe to occupy by the municipal building surveyor. Given there is combustible cladding, all residents need to be aware of these fire safety measures.

Reviewed 13 March 2022

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