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Victoria’s cladding rectification program on the national and international stage

Cladding Safety Victoria recently presented to the Greater London Authority (GLA) about the state’s world-leading $600 million cladding rectification program.

Approximately 20 people from the Greater London Authority Building Safety Team joined the virtual presentation to hear Cladding Safety Victoria Chief Executive Dan O’Brien talk about progress of Victoria’s program and the challenges and complexities of cladding rectification.

Mr O’Brien said it was a great opportunity to talk about Victoria’s world-first program on an international stage.

“The challenges faced in the UK, and particularly in London in relation to combustible cladding are well documented, and it was a great opportunity to share Victoria’s learnings and talk about how Victoria has led the way with cladding rectification,” Mr O’Brien said.

“We discussed how we commenced the program, how we’ve reached where we are now and shared key lessons learnt along the way,” Mr O’Brien said.

Progress of the program has been rapid – to date, Cladding Safety Victoria has met with 530 owners corporations and completed detailed inspections on 383 buildings. 234 funding agreements with owners corporations have been signed and 143 builders have been appointed to individual projects.

Independent Project Managers have been appointed to 246 buildings to assist owners corporations through the complex rectification process to ensure works run smoothly.

Mr O’Brien also recently presented at the Fourth Annual Fire Safety and Cladding Summit where he spoke to almost 100 industry experts both in person and virtually including building surveyors, regulatory consultants, registered certifiers, cladding manufacturers and installers, lawyers and fire engineers.

CSV also recently presented to more than 650 building practitioners as part of a virtual series of presentations facilitated by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA).

“The rectification of non-compliant combustible cladding is an extremely complex process, and the solution for each building is different. Discussing these complex issues in a collaborative way with industry practitioners in these forums is a very important part of our program,” Mr O’Brien said.

Cladding Safety Victoria will continue engaging with industry through additional forums as the program is delivered.

Read more about engagement with industry on our website:…External Link .

Reviewed 02 June 2021

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