Schools - implementation of child safety practices regulations

Policies and procedures that document how schools are safe for children, young people and students.

All references to 'schools' include school boarding premises.

Whole organisation implementation

This requirement states that schools must implement all the preceding requirements in Ministerial Order 1359. It also states that child safety policies and procedures must be informed by best practice models and stakeholder consultation.

The requirement that leaders ‘champion and model’ procedures can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Particularly if the school child safety culture is prominent in the school’s:

  • public-facing policies, procedures and practices
  • approach to complaints and concerns about child safety and wellbeing
  • communications to families and the school community
  • visually on display in the school.

Examples of common non-compliance

  • The school has not implemented the requirements of Ministerial Order 1359.
  • The child safety culture is established internally but not publicly accessible.
  • The school does not implement practices for a child safe environment.
  • The child safety policies, processes and practices are not documented, communicated and modelled at every level.