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Cladding Safety Victoria works with a broad range of practitioners, industry groups and peak bodies in the cladding, building and construction industries.

Cladding Safety Victoria works with a broad range of practitioners, industry groups and peak bodies in the cladding, building and construction industries. We work closely with these key stakeholders to form partnerships to ensure the process of removing and replacing combustible cladding is as efficient and effective as possible and to ensure compliance with necessary legislation.

We’ve collated an array of information relevant to practitioners and industry below.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We will continue to provide information and advice directly to builders and contractors involved in cladding rectification works about what they must do to keep workers and building residents safe due to coronavirus. 

Builders involved in cladding rectification works are required to display safety information for building residents in common areas of apartment complexes where works are underway. Please download the safety poster:

Read sector guidance for construction businesses across Victoria.

Our plan to help keep Victoria’s economy moving

Cladding Safety Victoria has fast-tracked rectification works to get more cladding off apartments sooner and support the construction industry in the wake of COVID-19.

Program funding has been brought forward and builders of good repute will be able to come back and do rectification works on their original buildings.  

This model provides a guaranteed pipeline of construction work, sending a strong message to the building and property sector – who employ almost 1 in 10 Victorians – that we are working hard to help protect jobs during COVID-19 while also making buildings safer, faster. Find out more about our plan to help keep Victoria’s economy moving.

We've also provided advice to original builders of residential buildings in Cladding Safety Victoria’s scope who may be eligible to participate the fast-tracked rectification program.

Register for the preferred building supplier list

All consultants engaged by the owners corporation to rectify any cladding issues through Cladding Safety Victoria’s Program need to be chosen from the list of consultants identified in the Residential Cladding Rectification Register, or as otherwise approved by Cladding Safety Victoria.

The register includes options to engage project managers, fire safety engineers, draftspersons, architects, building surveyors and builders in the cladding removal and replacement process. Find out more about the register including how to be listed

Combustible cladding resources for practitioners

As Victoria’s building and plumbing regulator, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) have provided a range of useful information about cladding that building practitioners and others may find useful, including specific information about cladding products. Find information and resources from the VBA.

The Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning have also provided a range of useful resources on their website about the cladding rectification program

Safe disposal of combustible cladding waste materials

We’re providing information to builders, contractors, sub-contractors and others to ensure the correct handling, transport and disposal of combustible cladding products, that when removed from buildings is classified as combustible cladding waste.

Find out more about the safe disposal of cladding waste materials, including links to other relevant information and legislative information.

Reviewed 19 January 2021

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