Our plan to help keep Victoria’s economy moving

Cladding Safety Victoria has fast-tracked rectification works to get more cladding off apartments sooner and support the construction industry in the wake of COVID-19.

Program funding has been brought forward and builders of good repute will be able to come back and do rectification works on their original buildings.

This model provides a guaranteed pipeline of construction work, sending a strong message to the building and property sector – who employ almost one in ten Victorians – that we are working hard to help protect jobs during COVID-19 while also making buildings safer, faster.

We expect the time it takes to have rectification plans in place to be cut from 33 weeks to 16 weeks where the original builder is involved.

Strict vetting and oversight processes around practitioner conduct will provide robust assurance that the practitioner is able to work in the program.

Every building is different and comes with its own complexities. Cladding Safety Victoria is working through the issues directly with owners corporations to put a clear plan in place for rectification and that will continue for buildings where the original builder is unsuitable.

In cases where the original builder is ineligible to participate, or chooses not to, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning will pursue cost recovery.

Building practitioners that have done the wrong thing remain financially liable.

Our cladding rectification program is the first of its kind and we’re making sure our program adapts and evolves through the COVID-19 pandemic.