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Learn Locals at Work with Industry

Good practice partnership examples yielding rewards for all parties; employers, learners, Learn Local providers and wider community.

Unlocking Success through Strategic Partnerships

We value collaborative partnerships that bring rewards to everyone involved. Here we share exemplary examples of good practice partnerships that have yielded significant benefits for employers, learners, Learn Local providers, and the wider community.

Strategic partnerships with Learn Local providers have resulted in access to skilled and job-ready individuals, reducing recruitment costs and strengthening the talent pipeline. Partnerships have created tailored training programs, empowering learners with industry-relevant skills, certifications, and improved job prospects.

Engagement with employers has allowed Learn Local providers to offer relevant, high-quality training, enhancing their reputation and fostering ongoing partnerships. Collaborative efforts have reduced unemployment rates, increased economic activity, and promoted social cohesion within the local community.

Join us in exploring the potential of these collaborations and their impact on our ACFE community.