Pre-accredited training programs:

  • Help Victorian adults, particularly those who have not achieved Year 12 or an equivalent qualification, develop the core skills they need for study, work and life. Core skills include literacy, numeracy, English language, and employability skills, including digital skills.
  • Focus on creating pathways for learners to further education and training and to employment.
  • Are short modular courses which are unique and separate from accredited training programs, with their own A-frames (Course and Session Plans) and objectives.
  • Are designed to be flexible, meet learners’ needs and support them to return to study, improve their literacy and numeracy skills, find qualification pathways and broaden their employment options.

2021 Pre-accredited Training Delivery Guidelines

  • Expressions of Interest (EOI) are open for ACFE Additional Pre-accredited Delivery Hours from 27 April to 7 May 2021.

    Learn Local providers are invited to request additional pre-accredited delivery hours under the following programs as applicable:

    1. Pre-accredited courses: These courses will be funded from the additional 1,000 pre-accredited training places announced in the Victorian Budget 2020-21 and will have:
      • an employment and industry focus
      • existing industry relationships
      • digital skills development related to the above
    2. Digital Literacy Skills courses will be funded from the Literacy, Numeracy and Employability Initiative budget.
    3. Learn Local TAFE Support and Pathways to TAFE courses will be funded from the Literacy, Numeracy and Employability Initiative budget.

    Download the 2021 Additional Pre-accredited Delivery Hours Guidelines and Delivery Plan Template. The Delivery Plan Template contains 4 tabs with a separate delivery plan for each program.

    An information session was held on Thursday 29 April 2021. A copy of the presentation and FAQs from the session are available below.

  • Expressions of Interest (EOI) have now closed for the 2021 Pre-accredited Training Delivery as well as 2 additional programs: 

    1. Learner Engagement A-frame Program (LEAP)
    2. Skills for Work and Study Pilot Programs

    Pre-accredited Training Delivery, LEAP and Skills for Work and Study Pilot Programs are separate programs, each with their own guidelines, EOI requirements and processes.

    To reduce compliance and administration requirements, the EOI processes for these programs were open in the same period. Only providers who applied for 2021 Pre-accredited Training Delivery were eligible to apply for LEAP and/or the Skills for Work and Study Pilot Program.

    Download the 2021 guidelines and delivery plan template:

    The 2021 Guidelines and Delivery Plan templates for the LEAP and Skills for Work and Study Pilot Programs are available on our:

  • To be eligible for 2021 training delivery, you must:

    • Be registered with the Adult, Community and Further Education Board, or be covered by the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.
    • Have a current satisfactory Adult, Community and Further Education Board Business and Governance Status Assessment (BGS), or have a current Skills First government subsidised accredited training contract.
    • Upload your BGS (including financial statements) into SAMS2 by 27 November 2020, otherwise the Department cannot offer you a Service Plan for ACFE Board Pre-accredited Training Delivery.
    • Ensure you meet the additional eligibility criteria outlined in the 2021 Pre-accredited Training Delivery Guidelines.
  • An information session regarding 2021 ACFE Training Delivery was held in September 2020. 

    Download a copy of the presentation and a Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The 2021 Training Delivery Support Grant (TDSG) provides funds to eligible Learn Local providers that are contracted to deliver pre-accredited training. The purpose of this grant is to support the purchase of equipment and resources to facilitate the delivery and reporting of quality programs and services to learners experiencing educational disadvantage.

    An annual grant of $5,500 (excluding GST) is paid to providers that have a contract with the ACFE Board to deliver government subsidised pre-accredited training in 2021.

    A Training Delivery Support Grant Purchase Plan has been introduced to provide a record of your intended purchases.

    The Training Delivery Support Grant funds must be fully spent by 31 December 2021. Any unspent funds must be returned to the ACFE Board.

    For more information about the TDSG, download:

  • The 2021 Pre-accredited Training Data Reporting Guidelines for pre-accredited, LEAP, Skills for Work and Study and SARA 2021 program delivery are available below:

Reviewed 09 May 2021

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