Pre-accredited Quality Framework

A quality improvement mechanism and curriculum framework that supports Learn Local trainers and managers to plan, develop, teach and review pre-accredited training courses.

The Pre-accredited Quality Framework (PQF) has been developed by the Adult, Community and Further Education Board to improve outcomes for learners who would like to:

  • strengthen the skills needed to secure employment
  • access further study
  • build their capacity to engage and remain a part of a complex and fast-changing society.

The PQF incorporates a variety of resources. It is published as a kit containing a series of hardback volumes, and a series of electronic files, available below.

PQF Review

The Board is completing a review of the PQF. It was introduced in 2008, to strengthen Victoria’s pre-accredited program design and delivery as part of the broader VET system.

The PQF has 9 quality indicators that reflect agreed views of best practice in adult learning. The indicators are used as standards to assess aspects of the design, delivery and outcomes of pre-accredited programs. There are 3 quality indicators each for course design, learner centred approaches and quality teaching.

The other main components of the PQF are:

  • the A-frame
  • moderation, verification and auditing process.

The review is an opportunity for the Board to upgrade the PQF into a contemporary framework to underpin a strengthened pre-accredited model. The model will be implemented across the Learn Local sector from 2022–2025.

Pre-accredited Quality Framework kit