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Professional development opportunities and activities supported by the Adult, Community and Further Education Board to enhance the knowledge, skills and professional practice of the pre-accredited workforce s across Victoria.

‘Pre-accredited workforce’ includes anyone employed within the Learn Local sector planning, designing and delivering pre-accredited training and supporting learners who have no or low-level educational qualifications. This includes teachers, trainers, tutors, administrators, coordinators, managers and members of governing bodies.

The professional development focuses is on building the capability of Learn Local providers to:

  • lead in core skills delivery in English literacy, numeracy, digital and employability skills
  • partner with other local organisations to support learners and build their pathways to further study and work
  • build further skills to develop effective strategic pre-accredited business planning and marketing.

Learn Local sector memos publish information on specific professional development activities funded by the ACFE Board or Department and free to the pre-accredited workforce to attend.

Building capability supports the achievement of Ministerial and ACFE Board strategic priorities and the professional learning needs of the pre-accredited workforce.

Professional development plans are developed for Board approval each December and are reviewed midyear.

Professional Practice Recognition Framework

The talents of the pre-accredited Learn Local workforce are not only valued and invested in but are to be recognised.

The ACFE Board set a priority for 2022 to define the key capabilities of the Learn Local workforce based on the Ministerial Statement and ACFE Board Strategy and workforce data, and to develop and implement a workforce professional practice recognition framework.

The Professional Practice and Recognition Framework is designed to:

  • describe the collective of professional practices (knowledge and skills) a Learn Local workforce uses when developing and delivering quality pre-accredited training, for new entrants to the pre-accredited workforce through to those who are highly experienced
  • be used by Learn Local staff to self-assess their current skills and knowledge for recognition and identify their professional development goals

The Framework and a tool to aid its use for professional practice recognition and development will be released to the sector in 2023 for pilot testing and finalisation as an online resource in the future.

Reviewed 22 December 2022

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