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The Family Learning Partnerships (FLP) program provides opportunities for families to:

  • engage in positive learning experiences
  • gain the confidence and skills to take their next steps in education or employment.

Program aims

The FLP program assists families experiencing educational disadvantage by:

  • Instilling a culture of learning within families and communities.
  • Empowering learners to make informed decisions regarding their own educational and employment experiences.
  • Improving educational pathways for vulnerable families by addressing the barriers hindering the participation of parents and carers in education, training and employment.
  • Facilitating participants' progression to further education such as the Learner Engagement A-frame Program, pre-accredited or accredited programs or employment where appropriate.
  • Fostering a collaborative approach to education through building provider capacity to form partnerships with other community organisations and services to supports pathways to further education and employment for disadvantaged families.
  • Assisting Learn Local providers in gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the unique learning needs of families that may prevent them from engaging and to develop initiatives and tailored strategies to support them.

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Reviewed 21 April 2021

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