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The Learn Local Secure Portal (Secure Portal) centralises resources for the Learn Local sector. It hosts pre-accredited teaching and learning resources and tools, as well as professional development material for pre-accredited teachers and trainers. It also facilitates collaboration and resource sharing between Learn Local providers.

Two Secure Portal access accounts have been allocated to each Learn Local provider. Using an account you can open the Secure Portal.External Link

By signing into the Secure Portal you are personally agreeing to the Terms of Use prescribed by Instructure (system owner) and by the Department of Education and Training. You should review these Terms of Use in your Dashboard on the Secure Portal.

Under the course 'Useful Secure Portal Resources' on your Dashboard you will also find the 'Learn Local Secure Portal User Guide' and 'Learn Local Secure Portal Copyright Instructions'. These documents will assist you to navigate and use the site. You will also find tailored instructional videos on the site.

If you have any issues with the Secure Portal please contact the system administrator by emailing or through the Help tab on the Secure Portal.

Following the establishment of the Secure Portal, other sites will be closed, such as the A-Frame Exchange in December 2021, the Learn Local Resources website in May 2022, and other sites where Department resources are temporarily hosted. Some resources currently hosted on the Department’s website will also be relocated. Users should note that following 30 November, resources on these other sites may not be up-to-date.

Reviewed 29 November 2021

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