Registered Learn Local providers offer inclusive, accessible and flexible community training for adults to develop their core skills such as literacy, numeracy, English language, employability and digital skills.

Who can apply?

Victorian not-for-profit organisations can apply to register with the Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) Board.

Registered Learn Local providers are eligible to:

  • receive Victorian Government funding to deliver pre-accredited programs
  • apply for other support

This pool of funds supports Learn Local providers to build their capacity to deliver outcomes for the ACFE Board’s priority learner groups.

Register your organisation

Download the guidelines and criteria to register with the Board:

Business and governance status assessment

Learn Local providers are required to have an independent accountant to undertake an assessment of their business and governance status. This includes identifying if they have the business systems in place to manage a funding relationship with the Victorian Government.

Download the guidelines to find out more about the process and the criteria for assessing the business and governance status of registered providers:

Reviewed 21 April 2021

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