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Pre-accredited training

All government funded pre-accredited training delivery must be reported quarterly. If possible, providers are encouraged to report their delivery monthly through the Learn Local provider’s Student Management System (SMS), to the Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS).

The Victorian VET Student Statistical Data Collection GuidelinesExternal Link is the primary reference when reporting data to SVTS. Specific exceptions relating to agreed Service Agreement and Delivery Plan are detailed in the 2021 Pre-accredited Training Data Reporting Guidelines for pre-accredited, LEAP, Skills for Work and Study and SARA 2021 program delivery which are available below:

Data that is not successfully uploaded into SVTS will be deemed as training that has not been delivered.

For more information of what and how to submit, visit Data CollectionExternal Link .

Data regarding fee-for-service pre-accredited training delivery can also be updated through SVTS, although this is not mandatory.

Data collection assists the Adult, Community and Further Education Board to plan, support and monitor further education and training. The guidelines incorporate AVETMIS StandardExternal Link .

Accredited training

All Registered Training Organisations – including those that are community training providers – delivering government-funded accredited training are required to submit monthly data to Skills Victoria Training System (SVTS). The data files that must be submitted are specified in the File Structures section of the VET Student Statistical Collection Guidelines.

For a copy of the Guidelines, visit Data CollectionExternal Link .


2020 VET Student Satisfaction Survey

In 2020, pre-accredited learners were again included in the VET Student Satisfaction survey for a third year.

The 2020 survey of 2019 pre-accredited learners had a response rate of 36.7 per cent (over 8,100 learners), up 3.1 percentage points from 2019. The survey results indicated very high learner satisfaction with teaching and learning:

  • 89 per cent of respondents indicated they were satisfied with their training.
  • 91 per cent would recommend their Learn Local provider.
  • 86 per cent reported positive perceptions of teaching.
  • 82 per cent indicated they achieved their main reason for training.
  • 93 per cent were satisfied their provider had identified their learning needs.
  • 85 per cent were satisfied that their pre-accredited course addressed their learning needs.

Over half of pre-accredited learners who undertook training as a pathway to further education indicated that they achieved this goal (55 per cent in 2020).

Over the past three years there has been a consistent uplift in employment following pre-accredited training. This was most evident for those aged 25–54 years where employment results were well above the state average (approximately 10 percentage points). Three in every four learners who undertook pre-accredited training as a pathway to employment or further study reported that they achieved their main reason for training.

Annual Microsoft Agreement computer census

Learn Local providers who have registered with the Adult, Community and Further Education Board’s Microsoft Agreement are required to complete an annual census. Providers will receive the annual census by email. The census covers the number of computers, servers and Microsoft software being used.

Reviewed 26 May 2021

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