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DET - Learn Local Sector - 13 May 2022-Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) referral of 449 visa holders to pre-employment pre-accredited program

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From: Jeanette Nagorcka, Executive Director, Adult, Community and Further Education Division

Date: 13 May 2022

Subject: Jobs Victoria Employment Services (JVES) referral of 449 visa holders to pre-employment pre-accredited program.

Actions and critical dates:

Note that 449 visa holders can be referred by JVES to enrolment in a JVES  identified pre-employment pre-accredited program.

  1. The Adult, Community and Further Education Board has included the Humanitarian Stay Visa Subclass 449 (Temporary) with study rights to the list of visas that allow JVES client visa holders to be referred to pre-employment pre-accredited programs.
  2. The existing list of visas are Bridging Visa subclass class ‘E’ (BVE), Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) and the Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV).
  3. The current enrolment process for enrolling BVE, SHEV, TPV visa holders will be the same for enrolling 449 visa holders. The Learn Local provider determines the eligibility of JVES referred visa clients by conducting a visa check using the Commonwealth Governments Visa Eligibility Verification Online (VEVO) system to confirm exemption from citizenship requirements and study entitlement.
  4. Once eligibility is verified, the Learn Local provider assesses the JVES referred clients to ensure they are suitable for the program as is required under standard pre-enrolment procedures. Learn Local providers use funding source code: ACJ when enrolling eligible JVES referred clients into JVES identified pre-employment pre-accredited training programs.
  5. The JVES partner covers the visa holder’s program tuition costs up to a maximum of $50 per calendar year.
  6. Learn Locals should be aware that any enrolments under this initiative will not attract additional student contact hours (SCH) and must be funded through existing ACFE Board pre-accredited allocation for 2022.

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