Just in Time industry partnership initiative to continue in 2023

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From: Jane Ward A/Executive Director ACFE Division

Date: 23 February 2023

Subject: Information for Learn Locals on Just-in-Time Industry Partnership initiative in 2023.


Look out for refreshed guidelines for Just in Time 2023 to be issued in week of 6 March 2023.

The ACFE Board-funded Just-in-Time Industry Partnership initiative will continue in 2023 based on refreshed guidelines.

Aspects of the 2021-2022 Just-in-Time guidelines have been updated to get the most out of 2023 projects.

The refreshed guidelines for Just-in-Time 2023 will be issued in the week of 6 March 2023.

Thereafter expressions of Interest (EOI) for 2023 Just-in-Time projects will be open continuously.

The guidelines will include dates at which applications received will be evaluated for grant funding.

Just-in-Time is a response to the elements in the Ministerial Statement The Future of Adult Community Education 2020-25 and ACFEB Strategy 2020-2025 that encourage Learn Local providers to partner with industry employers for the benefit of their learners.

Just-in-Time is for Learn Local providers who have an emerging or established partnership with an employer or group of employers with an immediate entry-level (ACSF 1-2) skills need in their business and for which a pre-accredited training solution can be developed that helps educationally disadvantaged adults get a job or workers vulnerable to unemployment keep their jobs.