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From: Michelle Willetts, A/Executive Director ACFE Division

Date: 25 July 2023

SUBJECT: Learn Locals working with employers


View Learn Local website's new section on Learn Locals working with employers Here

Learn Local providers are encouraged to work with employers to address foundation skills challenges in the workforce and help adults needing these skills to secure and retain jobs. To support this endeavour a new section has been added to the Learn Local website.

The new web page on Learn Locals working with employers includes:

  • Case examples of good practice partnerships that have yielded significant benefits for employers, learners, Learn Local providers, and the wider community.
  • A guide to engaging employers in pre-accredited training based on experiences of Learn Local providers, supplemented by relevant published reports on involving employers in adult education.
  • Learn Local industry practice networks; notification of this new initiative just commencing wherein Learn Local providers with industry partnerships mentor other Learn Local providers who aspire to confidently engage employers in their local area, thereby benefiting both learners and employers.

Have a look Here and be inspired to take an active approach in relation to working with employers to help address foundation skills challenges of workforces for sustainable employment outcomes for learners.