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New team joining us to strengthen state-wide infrastructure planning

Recycling Victoria is pleased to have the sector planning team from Sustainability Victoria (SV) join us to continue work to prepare the Victorian Recycling Infrastructure Plan (VRIP). The team joined Recycling Victoria on 6 February 2023.

The change reflects Recycling Victoria's new statutory responsibilities for infrastructure planning under the Environment Legislation Amendment (Circular Economy and Other Matters) Act 2022.

Tasks and functions performed by the sector planning staff at Sustainability Victoria will continue to be delivered following the transfer. Staff will continue to report to their existing manager, Luke Purcell who will report to the Executive Director, Strategy, Procurement and Planning, Deb Cailes.

The development of the VRIP signals a shift away from government determining what specific infrastructure is required and where it should be located, to a strategic approach that identifies infrastructure needs and gaps and provides information to the market to drive innovation and investment.

The VRIP will be a single plan with a 30-year horizon, replacing Victoria’s eight current infrastructure plans. It will provide long-term strategic planning, inform decision making and drive private sector investment in waste and resource recovery infrastructure across the state.