Professional development opportunity: Using PRIAK – the why, when and how

Learn Local Sector memo from 28 March 2022.

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From: Jeanette Nagorcka, Executive Director – Adult, Community and Further Education Division

Date: 28 March 2022

Subject: Professional development opportunity: Using PRIAK – the why, when and how

Actions and critical dates

  • Attend an online session on Monday 2 May 2022 from 12pm to 1pm.
  • Register to attend the session before 29 April 2022: PRIAK PD registration.

Pre-accredited Initial Assessment Kit (PRIAK)

This PRIAK professional development session is for Learn Local trainers and coordinators who want to establish a learner’s language, literacy and numeracy capabilities. It will be delivered by Paul Rawlinson and Christopher Moxham from Wyndham Community Education Centre. Both are experienced LLN practitioners.

Paul has been an LLN teacher in various Learn Local settings for more than 20 years, also teaching pre-accredited and accredited programs in industry. With this experience has been the facilitation of a variety of pre-training assessments – including using the AMEP PTA kit, assessing SEE students with the ACSF, using in-house assessment kits, along with designing pre-assessment materials for Skills for Work and Study and providing the industry-related tasks in the current PRIAK.

Christopher has a wealth of experience and knowledge as a Literacy and Numeracy practitioner. He has worked in the SEE program (Skills for Education and Employment) and the AMEP for 10 years as a teacher and a Pre-training Assessment assessor. He has conducted onsite classes in transitioning skills in Industry such as Vertech Hume, Toyota, Sakata and Baiada Poultry. He has also developed curriculum resources for the Skills for Work and Study Building and Construction program.

The session will provide a brief overview of PRIAK and the strength-based approach to recognising learner skills and knowledge. Paul and Christopher will present various scenarios and demonstrate the use of relevant tools depending on learner capabilities, covering both EAL and first language speakers. They will discuss how they use pre-assessment to help build relationships with their learners, focusing on the learner’s goals and their individual LLN needs.

To register for the session, please complete the registration form before 29 April 2022: PRIAK PD registration.

If you have questions about PRIAK, please contact Josie Rose, Senior Project Officer, DET at