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Public service executive remuneration policy

Information and guidance relating to remuneration of Victorian Public Service (VPS) executives, meaning executives employed under Part 3 of the Public Administration Act 2004.


The Government established the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal (Tribunal) under the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal and Improving Parliamentary Standards Act 2019..

While the Government issues certain policies in relation to its executive workforce, the Tribunal determines the executive remuneration bands for executives employed in VPS bodies and in prescribed public entities.

In making its determinations, the Tribunal is required by legislation to consider a number of matters including the Government’s Wages Policy, the financial position of the state, the remuneration of public service executives in other Australian jurisdictions and comparable positions in the private sector.

The remuneration paid to a public service executive must be within their relevant remuneration band. An executive’s relevant remuneration band is determined based on the outcome of a work value assessment, conducted according to the work value assessment methodology in the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) classification frameworks.

Employers make decisions as to an individual executive’s remuneration. The Tribunal has issued guidelines to assist employers in placing public service executives within the relevant remuneration bands.

In exceptional circumstances, if an employer is proposing to pay an executive above the maximum rate of the relevant remuneration band, advice from the Tribunal must be obtained and considered. Refer to the Tribunal website for further guidance.

Executive remuneration annual adjustment

The Remuneration Tribunal undertakes annual reviews of the VPS executive remuneration bands and publishes any adjustment to those bands in its annual adjustment Determinations. These are the bands within which VPS executives must be remunerated (unless advice from the Remuneration Tribunal to pay above the bands has been obtained and considered).

The Tribunal made its most recent annual adjustment Determination to the values of remuneration bands for VPS and public entity executives on 29 June 2023. The latest VPS (and public entity) executive remuneration bands can be found on the Tribunal website.

The Premier also traditionally announces an annual adjustment guideline rate (guideline rate) to provide a mechanism for adjusting executive remuneration.

For the 2023-24 financial year, the Premier announced a guideline rate of 3%.

Employers typically have discretion to pass on an increase to an executive’s remuneration up to the guideline rate. The guideline rates apply from 1 July of the relevant financial year.

General information on the implementation of the guideline rate is provided in the VPS and Public Entity Executive Employment Handbooks, which are available on the VPSC website.


Annual adjustment Q & A material

Read the Q & A about the executive remuneration annual adjustment policy below.

Superannuation Q & A material

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Further information

Where can I find further information on the guideline rate? 

The guideline rate has been published at Victorian Public Sector Executive Remuneration

General guidance on executive remuneration is also available in the VPS and Public Entity Executive Employment Handbooks.

Who can I contact for further information? 

Further information on executive employment arrangements is available on the VPSC’s website. The VPSC manages the VPS Standard Executive Contract, Standard Contract for Public Entity Executives, VPS Executive Employment Handbook and Victorian Public Entity Executive Employment Handbook. Questions concerning these documents can be directed to:

Questions about executive employment policy, including implementation of the guideline rate, PEER Policy and executive superannuation policy can be directed to

Questions about seeking the Tribunal’s advice on proposals to pay above the remuneration band can be directed to

Questions about superannuation can be directed to the relevant payroll area in the first instance.