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Upcoming opportunities for the sector to participate in Early 2023 ACFE strategic projects

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From: Jeanette Nagorcka, Executive Director — ACFE Division

Date: 15/12/2022

Subject: Increase to pre-accredited training delivery subsidy rate from 2023

Actions / Critical Dates:

The department, on behalf of the ACFE Board, will be undertaking a range of strategic projects in early 2023 that are designed to support Learn Locals to better respond to learner need from engagement through to employment. One of the principles underpinning these projects is for the Learn Local sector to have a leadership role wherever possible.

What types of opportunities will be available?

There will be opportunities for the sector to leverage their expertise and knowledge to participate in these projects, by:

  • providing and/or developing products and resources. Some of these opportunities will be communicated to all Learn Locals and for others the opportunity may be extended to a smaller group with specific expertise or experience. There may also be opportunities for work undertaken by an individual Learn Local ‘lead’ and/or consortia of Learn Locals. If you have a particular interest in any of the projects listed below, you may wish to indicate this to your Regional Team by 31 January 2023.
  • providing sector feedback and advice to support project outcomes. This could involve participation on an advisory group or participating in consultation.

What early 2023 projects will the sector be encouraged to participate in?

The types of strategic initiatives planned for early 2023 include work on:

Tools and materials to improve hard-to reach learner participation

This project will develop materials tailored for hard-to reach learners, initially focused on Koorie learners and those with a CALD background. Learn Locals will be:

  • consulted on the development and testing of materials tailored for hard-to reach learners.

This project is expected to be commenced in Term 1.

Centralised learning products and resources

These projects will develop centralised learning products and resources that engage and support learners in core skills. Learn Locals will be:

  • invited to participate in modifying existing teaching and learning resources into an online format
  • consulted on applications (‘Apps’) currently in use that allow learners’ digital access to training and resources
  • engaged to develop an agreed suite of short ‘job readiness’ and language modules
  • invited to identify existing best practice online courses you currently use that could be shared with the sector.

This work is expected to be commenced in Term 1.

Refreshing pre-accredited training through the Stronger by Design project

Stronger by Design will work with Learn Locals to co-design and update the Pre-accredited Quality Framework tools and processes to sharpen learner focus of pre-accredited training. Learn Locals will be:

  • invited to participate in the co-design and testing of the draft resources, associated tools and guides
  • invited to participate as mentors and advocates in a Community of Practice.

This project is expected to be conducted in Term 1.

Place-based industry relationships including Just in Time (JIT) partnerships, Industry Practice Networks and Workplace delivery pilots

These projects aim to strengthen the sector’s responsiveness to existing and future workforce core skills needs. Learn Locals will be:

  • invited to participate in JIT initiatives to increase industry partnerships and employment opportunities for pre-accredited learners
  • consulted on the establishment Industry Practice Networks that strengthen the sector’s capacity and capability to work with industry for the benefit of learners.
  • invited to develop and pilot workplace-delivered programs designed meet place-based industry workforce core skill needs and advise of models that can be used by the sector.

This project is expected to be commenced in Term 1.

Strengthen pre-accredited training pathways

This project aims to develop a seamless transition between pre- and post-accredited training by developing learner pathways and partnerships through formal collaboration. Learn Locals will be:

  • invited to develop Skills for Work and Study bridging modules
  • invited to develop Local Skill and Workforce Needs programs (comprising one or more modules) as Pathways for learners into accredited training areas, for those seeking entry into the workforce in key areas of local skills and workforce needs
  • engaged in piloting Learn Local/TAFE partnerships that deliver models; case studies; and teaching, learning and promotional resources.

This project is expected to be commenced in Term 1.

Brand and Value Proposition

This project will build brand awareness of ‘Learn Local’ to support improved participation in, and outcomes achieved by, pre-accredited training and programs. Learn Locals will be:

  • consulted on the development and effectiveness of strategic communications and stakeholder engagement products and activities.

This project is expected to be conducted in across Terms 1–4.

Planning and coordination

The department is also considering other opportunities for sector involvement in the planning and coordination of the ACFEB’s 2023 strategic initiatives.

How do you obtain further information?

Information on how to participate in these projects will be circulated separately to the sector in the early 2023 in the form of targeted correspondence, memos and/or expressions of interest.

Reviewed 05 July 2023

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