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2021 Learn Local Awards - Award Force Portal

Key dates

Nominations open Wednesday 28 April
Nomination assistance opens Wednesday 5 May
Nomination assistance closes Monday 6 September
Nominations close Wednesday 8 September
Shortlisting September
Nominees notified Mid October
Finalists announced October
Finalist interviews (virtual) October
Learn Local Awards Gala Event         Friday 3 December

Who can enter?

Nominations for the Learn Local Awards are welcomed from anyone who knows an individual or organisation that has contributed to the Learn Local sector. You can also nominate yourself or your own organisation.

Organisations and individuals can nominate up to 2 candidates for each award category. Note: nominating more than one candidate from the same organisation for the same award category means they will be competing against each other.

All nominees including previous winners and finalists must meet eligibility requirements for the relevant award category and agree to the Conditions of Entry. To find out who is eligible, check the eligibility information for the relevant award category.

How to enter

All nominations for the 2021 Learn Local Awards must be submitted via the Award Force portal.

For more information on how to nominate for the 2021 Learn Local Awards, read the Nomination Guide. This guide includes information about eligibility criteria, nomination assistance, selection criteria and the conditions of entry.

Nominations should be submitted by midnight on Wednesday 8th September 2021.

Nomination process

1. Determine your award nomination category

Read through the award categories and find out which one best suits you or the person or program you are nominating for.  In 2021, there are changes to the award categories so make sure you read this information carefully to ensure you are nominating for the most appropriate category.

2. Read the nomination guide carefully including the Conditions of Entry

Make sure you read the nomination guide to ensure you have met all the eligibility criteria and have agreed to the Conditions of Entry.

3. Start your nomination online

Register to nominate and follow the step-by-step process. Nominations may only be made through this portal. Your nomination can be saved as you enter information into it.

Register on our nomination portal

4. Collect any supporting evidence

Collect any supporting evidence that will be submitted with your nomination. The form contains additional details and tips on the type of information you can include in your nomination.

5. Sign the declaration form

Some of the award categories require the nominee or the organisation to sign a declaration form. These forms will be available in the nomination portal to download and sign.

If you are nominating a program, please ensure the chair or CEO of the organisation (as appropriate) signs the nominee declaration.

6. Submit your application by the deadline

Submit your application by midnight on Wednesday 8th September 2021. You will receive an email confirming that your application has been received.

Free Nomination Assistance Program

We understand that completing a nomination for an awards program can be time-consuming. It also requires good communication and writing standards so it can be appraised by the judges.

To help with your nominations, we have engaged a professional editor who can review your draft nomination.

This is a free service available to all nominators.

To access this service, prepare a draft of your nomination in a word document. It will be reviewed by our professional editor, who has extensive knowledge of the awards and criteria. Their help can include:

  • an appraisal of your nomination against the relevant selection criteria
  • advice on what sections require more information or evidence
  • editing assistance to ensure everything reads well and is spelt correctly

For more information on the free nomination assistance program, contact the Learn Local Awards team at

Reviewed 21 July 2021

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