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Simplifying access to the Learn Local Secure Portal

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From: Georgina Lyell, A/Executive Director ACFE Division 

Date: 11 October 2023

SUBJECT: Simplifying access to the Learn Local Secure Portal

Actions and critical dates

End Oct 2023: New direct login credential finalised

January 2024: New webpage for self-enrolment in ACFE PD opportunities

The Learn Local Secure Portal (LLSP) is a repository for quality-assured curricula and professional development resources for the sector.

 Important changes are being made to the LLSP to make it easier to access and use. 

Portal access

To improve access to the LLSP, the Department is simplifying the login process for users. 

Existing users in the LLSP will be contacted to verify their current registration details and status. This work will commence immediately but it may take a little time to reset logins for all existing users. 

The new login page for the LLSP will be provided to all users along with their login credentials.

Learn Local providers will shortly be able to request registrations as required for their staff. This will enable Learn Local staff to have their own personal dashboards within the LLSP so they can access resources, network with others, and keep a record of their professional development activities. 

Details on how to register your staff for the LLSP will be distributed soon, along with protocols for navigating and effective use of the LLSP.

Centralised curricula

All quality-assured Learn Local curricula will now be available via the Commons area in the LLSP rather than via the LLSP dashboard. 

Information on how to access the curricula and resources in the Commons area is outlined in the Welcome to the Portal course, which all users will be automatically enrolled in.

Professional learning

The LLSP is currently being optimised to support online professional learning as part of the ACFE Board’s professional development program; which will continue to also include face-to-face, peer-to-peer and hybrid opportunities. 

Over time, a wide array of targeted professional learning opportunities linked to the Professional Practice and Recognition Framework will be made available from the LLSP. 

From 2024, Learn Local staff will be able to self-enrol in all ACFEB PD opportunities via a webpage linked to the LLSP.

Changes to how the LLSP content will be delivered are already underway so you will notice changes. If you are unclear or have any concerns that you would like to discuss, please email any questions to Catherine Devlin at in a new window)