Two new online and blended learning project modules released

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From: Georgina Lyell, A/Executive Director, ACFE Division

Date: 19 July 2023

SUBJECT: Two new online and blended learning project modules released

The ACFE Board supports the sharing of existing online and digital learning programs developed by the sector that have been quality assured. Two more programs are now available.

The programs are:

1. Be WORK Ready

Developed by Cire Services Be WORK Ready is a 20-hour pre-accredited course designed to introduce key skills to students who are looking to gain employment or are working towards gaining employment.

It may be delivered by Learn Locals as a stand-alone course or alternatively can be embedded in an existing pre-accredited or accredited course. The course aims to develop learners' knowledge and confidence in gaining employment through applying for a job. The content is intended to be generic enough to support learners in the process of applying for work. Teachers will need to contextualise some of the content to suit their learners and the vocational content if delivered as a support program in an accredited course.

The course can be delivered flexibly, with in-person, online, and blended options available. Activities can be done in class as a group or as needed in an online environment.

2. Employability skills for the leisure industry

Developed by PRACE, this 44-hour course is a pre-employment program for employment opportunities in the leisure industry in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Using the theme park as context, the course introduces the leisure industry, and its job roles and provides learners with opportunities to build their employability skills to pathway to employment and/or further training.

The content includes building knowledge of the many entry-level jobs and roles in the leisure industry, as well as workplace expectations, communication, an overview of workplace rights and the National Employment Standards, an introduction to being safe at work, teamwork, problem-solving, self-management, conflict resolution, initiative and customer service skills.

The course also covers interview skills, responding to interview questions and creating a career plan. Learners will draw on their language, literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills to complete activities.

It can be delivered via Moodle with the option of face-to-face delivery in the classroom, equipment permitting. All content for the course is contained within Moodle.

The courses are now available on the Learn Local Secure Portal. Please email any questions to Ms Josie Rose, Senior Project Officer, at in a new window) or contact your regional office.