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If you see a road safety camera flash and you are certain you were not speeding or driving against a red light or red arrow, do not panic.

There are a number of reasons why the camera may have flashed while passing a road safety camera.

For example:

  • The camera may be in a testing or maintenance phase.
  • The camera may have been capturing an offence in another lane.


If you see a road safety camera flash, it could be because the camera is being tested.

Before a camera goes live, or during maintenance and testing, it is subjected to strict testing to ensure that the camera complies with all requirements. Testing consists of physical, software, administrative and image assessments.

Road safety cameras at intersections may regularly flash during testing and maintenance.

Under normal operation, cameras will flash when a vehicle is detected speeding, running a red light or a red arrow.

Monitoring multiple lanes

Road safety cameras can monitor multiple lanes for both speeding and red-light offences.

The camera differentiates between lanes and only the offending vehicle will be fined.

How can I report a road safety camera in Victoria that appears to be flashing incorrectly?

If you are concerned that the flashing may indicate that the road safety camera is faulty, you can let us know by using our online feedback form.

To help us investigate the matter, please include the following information:

  • A brief description of the road safety camera you are reporting.
  • The location of the camera and direction of traffic flow (e.g. southbound).
  • The date and time of travel.

Please ensure that you also include your name and email address so we can respond to your feedback.

Reviewed 01 May 2023

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