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There are currently 2 point-to-point (P2P) camera systems operating in Victoria on the Hume Freeway and Peninsula Link.

Point-to-point cameras calculate the average speed of a vehicle by determining the time taken to travel between 2 points. If the calculated average speed exceeds the speed limit, the incident is accepted and sent for verification.

Cameras positioned at each ‘point’ take a set of digital images and also measure the speed of a vehicle at that location.

Both the Hume and Peninsula Link camera system enforce point-to-point (calculated average speed) and instantaneous (the speed as detected at the location of a camera).

In-road sensors

In-road sensors are used to detect the presence of a vehicle as well as the speed of the vehicle.

According to the Road Safety Act 1986External Link , the point-to-point average speed formula is based on the shortest distance between 2 points and the time taken to travel between these points.

The shortest distance is measured by an approved surveyor. Surveyor certificates can be found with camera test certificates.

Optical character recognition

This computer-based system reads vehicle number plate letter and number combinations and is used on point-to-point camera systems.

Reviewed 01 May 2023

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