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How camera locations are chosen

Victoria’s road safety camera system consists of both fixed and mobile road safety cameras. Sites are carefully chosen based on predetermined criteria.

Fixed cameras

Fixed camera locations are determined by a committee (the Road Safety Camera Site Selection Committee) chaired by Victoria Police and has representatives from Department of Transport and the Department of Justice and Community Safety.

This committee reviews requests from various sources, including members of the public, local councils, community organisations, Department of Transport, Victoria Police and Members of Parliament.

Considerations for the installation of a fixed road safety camera include:

  • location crash history (data on fatal and injury crashes)
  • road type
  • site suitability for a camera
  • demonstrated accident risk.

Mobile cameras

Mobile road safety cameras are used in unmarked vehicles and rotated through locations assessed and approved by specialist traffic police.

These locations must satisfy at least one of the following:

  • recent history of speed-related crashes
  • complaints of excessive speeding
  • identified by Victoria Police to be a speed-related problem location.

To submit a suggestion for a new road safety camera to be considered by the Road Safety Camera Site Selection Committee, please complete the Suggest a Camera Location online form.