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Photos and data captured by certified road safety cameras can be used as evidence of a speeding or red light offence, in accordance with the Road Safety Act 1986External Link .

Camera test certificates may be admitted in court as evidence to show the camera has been tested and is operating correctly.

Photos captured by fixed road safety cameras show:

  • location of the offence
  • the vehicle
  • close-up of the vehicle’s number plate.

Additional data collected includes:

  • date and time of the offence
  • location of the camera
  • direction the vehicle was travelling
  • which lane the vehicle was travelling in
  • speed of the vehicle (for speeding offences only)
  • speed limit at the location of the offence (for speeding offences only)
  • time elapsed after the traffic light turned red (for red light offences only).

View an image of your traffic offence

If you have received a traffic infringement notice (fine) that was captured by a road safety camera (excluding tolling fines), you can view an image of your offence by visiting Link

Reviewed 01 May 2023

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