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From: Georgina Lyell, A/Executive Director ACFE Division

Date: 10 October 2023

SUBJECT: Learn Local providers new to delivering pre-accredited foundation skills in building and civil construction can get assistance from your Industry Practice Network by emailing in a new window)

Actions and critical dates

In 2023-2024 the ACFE Board is funding three Learn Local industry practice networks (IPNs).

IPNs comprise of Learn Local providers who have relevant industry field experience and are willing to share their knowledge, resources, and skills with other Learn Local providers.

IPNs are to assist Learn Locals new to the industry field.

IPNs offer professional learning and mentoring to Learn Local providers aspiring to engage employers in their industry field in pre-accredited foundation skills programs that meet their needs and benefit learners with improved job prospects.

Learn Local providers interested in exploring opportunities to engage building and civil construction employers in pre-accredited programs please email the Building and Civil Construction IPN Coordinator Ms Laruen Rizzacasa at in a new window)

You may also benefit from reading the Engaging Employers Guide available here(opens in a new window)

The Health and Allied Services IPN and the Aged Care IPN will be ready to receive expressions of interest shortly.