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Insights report


The output from user research, containing insights, stories, opportunities or recommendations backed up by evidence.


  • Valid, evidence-based information that can be used to inform decisions, strategies, next steps, planning and prioritisation activities.

Use when

  • You need to understand something about your users, staff or service ecosystem before deciding on a course of action.

Insight reports are not

  • Strategies – Insight reports might contain opportunities, recommendations, consequences or implications but they should not include strategic plans, roadmaps or visions unless these have been co-designed, validated and approved.
  • Summarised reports of raw data – insights reports contain insights – the ‘so what?’ interpretations of raw data generated by analysing and synthesising that raw data.


Less is more. Don’t spend time creating a lengthy report when a few punchy pages will suffice. After you’ve completed analysis and synthesis, draft the skeleton of your report with headings, have it approved and then begin filling in the detail.

This is your opportunity to build empathy in staff and stakeholders who couldn’t participate directly in user research. Use quotes, photos and diagrams to bring user stories to life.

Key terminology

Data: Data is a word used to describe ‘raw’ observations or results. We collect data to support, refute or generate claims.

Insight: Insights are interpretations of raw data that have meaning in a particular context to a particular audience. An insight that is not backed up by data is not an insight, it’s an opinion or belief. 

Opportunities: Moments in the journey that can be improved – this could be a stage, step, channel or touchpoint