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Landscape review


Summary-style review of comparable products and services in the market. Identifies vulnerabilities and opportunities for differentiation. 


  • To determine what comparable products and services exist in the market. 
  • To identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for differentiation.
  • To identify and prioritise features and functionalities of comparable products and services. These are valuable for reference in research and design activities.

What you get

  • Summary-style review with supporting images such as screenshots. The review will detail comparable product and service offerings will. It will also highlight vulnerabilities and opportunities for market differentiation.


  • Projects start from a more informed position. A baseline understanding of the broader landscape will make early ideation  more efficient.
  • Helps show what’s most used and most desirable in the market.
  • Useful ongoing reference for feature and function prioritisation and product decisions.


  • It may be difficult to review products and services in authenticated or restricted IT environments. These include intranets or enterprise systems.
  • The review is only as good as the breadth and depth of coverage of other products and services in the market. The results depend on knowing what those products are and where to find them.


Think beyond the immediate competitor market. Consider what other platforms or solutions customers are using. Include these in the review. This might include looking internationally.

Some reviews will require access to an authenticated or restricted IT environment. Do you have co-workers, friends or family that might have access to those environments? Consider asking them to take screenshots for you. Bear in mind the security implications of asking for access to restricted environments. Use your discretion.

Tools and resources