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Project kick-off workshop


A workshop designed to align stakeholders around the goals, outputs, timelines and constraints of a project.


  • To ensure key stakeholders agree on the goals of a project. 
  • To ensure the project team is aware of the underlying vision and motivation for doing the work.
  • To document key milestones and desired outcomes. 
  • To agree on roles and responsibilities on the project. 

What you get

  • An agreed upon set of assumptions and expectations for the project.
  • Documented timelines, milestones and ways of working.
  • A briefing document for the project team to refer to. 


  • Real-time discussion and resolution of questions, risks and objectives. 
  • Fast decision making (if the right people are in the room).


  • Large groups may mean some people aren't heard.
  • Some participants may not be willing to speak up or ask questions if senior people are in attendance. 


Before the workshop, a facilitator should be nominated to ensure that key decisions are addressed. This person should also ensure that all participants are able to contribute to the discussion equally. Workshop organisers should also ensure that key decision makers are present. 

Toolkits and resources