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Stakeholder interviews


Establish a project's background, constraints and goals and build rapport with decision makers. 


  • To understand project constraints, business objectives and delivery priorities.
  • To build rapport with key stakeholders.
  • To document assumptions, opinions and priorities for the project.
  • To gain alignment between different stakeholder groups. 
  • To address misalignment early in the project.

What you get

  • An understanding of why the project has been initiated.
  • Documented constraints and goals, according to key stakeholders.
  • Early understanding of anticipated project challenges or barriers.


  • Hearing about project priorities and motivations in the stakeholder’s own words.
  • Key decision makers are engaged early in the project.
  • Helps with identifying and addressing any misalignment in project expectations early on.


  • Misalignments can be identified but are difficult to resolve in interviews.
  • Project delays may occur if stakeholder groups are large.
  • It can be difficult to access or get the time of senior stakeholders.

Toolkits and resources