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Value proposition


A statement describing what it is that your organisation, product or service offers to your users.


  • A statement that focuses policy, design and marketing efforts on what is truly valuable to a user or stakeholder group.

Use a value proposition when

  • You have completed research and need to describe current user needs and how your service currently creates value for them.
  • You have a sound understanding of your market segments and you’re ready to produce a product or service value proposition tailored to each market segment.
  • You want to test of the desirability of a new product, service or policy with users and need to validate whether your value proposition is strong enough to encourage adoption.

Value propositions are not

Perfect predictions of user behaviour – What users say is valuable to them during research or a pilot may not carry through to real-world behaviours, sales or adoption. 


Use the value proposition canvas – it will help base your value proposition on your understanding of user needs, jobs to be done and pain points.

Key terminology

Jobs to be done: Jobs to be done is a framework for understanding a user’s needs. Its creator, Clayton Christensen, says that people don’t simply buy products or services; they ‘hire’ them into their lives to serve a purpose. We call this purpose the ‘job’ they are trying to get done

Pain point: An issue, problem or moment in the experience that is likely to cause negative emotions or perceptions for users such as a form is hard to find.