Design Plans: Planning a HCD project

Scoping or planning a project?

These design plans can be used as a starting point for when you’re planning and scoping design-based activities.

Design plan overview

These design plans assume that you’re new to human-centred design and its practices. We recommend that you collaborate with seasoned designers to execute your projects rather than undertaking the design activities by yourself.

The design plans provide some structural guidance with suggested methods and outputs. These will help you to develop reasonable expectations as you write a request for quote or review a request for proposal from vendors – and simply feel informed when speaking with designers.

Design plans

The design plans have been organised under three general categories, with several suggested options for activities and outcomes based on your time frame and budget.

Time frame and budget

Time has been estimated using a combination of best-practice and past experience.

Budgets have been estimated using a standard median commercial day rate of AUD$1,500 per person per day for a senior designer. Undertaking a design-led project is a collaborative endeavour. Whilst the budget may cover the costs of designers or vendors it does not take into account the resources required from the client side in terms of assets and time of staff (FTE).