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Opportunities and recommendations


An output of research that highlights important things or ‘so whats’ that require attention and action.


  • A clear set of suggested next steps for stakeholders to consider
  • A summary of possibilities and areas of focus for further investigation (not a list of actions to be undertaken without any further thought)

Use when

  • You’re transitioning between research and design phases – when you have finished a cycle of learning and are ready to begin planning to act or decide
  • When you want to clearly advocate for a course of action or highlight areas that are important for the project to focus on next

Opportunities and recommendations are not

  • Strategies – Strategies involve a current state, a future-state and a plan of action to get from here to there. 
  • A list of actions to be undertaken without any further thought


Research often produces some insights that aren’t particularly relevant to the problem statement. These insights can be added as an appendix to the insights report as these are less interesting or meaningful to senior organisational audiences. 

Key terminology

Opportunities: Moments in the journey that can be improved – this could be a stage, step, channel or touchpoint