Wildlife licence annual returns

Find out how to submit an annual summary of your wildlife transactions. The summary is a condition of your wildlife licence.

Why you need to complete an annual return

Information included in annual returns gives us a statewide overview of wildlife possession and trade, which helps to manage wildlife.

Your return is a summary of the wildlife transactions you conducted under your licence between 1 April and 31 March. Under the Wildlife Regulations 2013, it is a legal requirement that all wildlife licence holders: 

  • keep a copy of your return for future reference
  • submit a complete and legible return
  • complete your return by 14 April

Do not complete your return form before 31 March.

The deadline for submission of returns is 14 April each year.

If you do not submit a return, you may not be eligible to renew your licence.

Penalties apply if these obligations are not met.

Information contained in the returns is confidential.

Return forms specific to your licence 

Return forms are included with your licence application. You can also download the form from the pages below:

Licences holders who do not currently hold wildlife

You still need to submit an annual return, if you:

  • did not conduct any transactions during the return period
  • do not currently hold any wildlife

To complete this form, write your name, address and licence number in the space provided, sign and date the form and write 'NIL RETURN' across the form.

Species codes

Species codes are used to ensure accuracy in record keeping and data-entry.

If you use an incorrect code in your return, your licence or a related permit may be delayed while the matter is investigated. Find the correct codes in the species code lists below:

Species code and common name

Species code and scientific name

Completing your return form

You must keep a legible copy of each return form.

Please ensure:

  • You complete all of the sections of the return form clearly, using the species code numbers provided in the species code list.
  • You sign and date the form.
  • Your current licence number is correct. An incorrect licence number may mean that your return is not registered.
  • All transactions for a single species are summarised on one line and that each species is listed only once in each return.
  • Your numbers add-up. For example 11 alive + 2 bred + 3 purchased – 1 death (destroyed) – 3 exports – 1 escape = 11 alive.

Don't record:

  • Male and female specimens of the same species separately.
  • Adult and juvenile specimens of the same species separately.
  • Breeding that occurred before the current return period.
  • Acquisitions or purchases that occurred before the current return period.
  • Exotic species or wildlife species that do not require a licence.

More information

If you have any questions about returns, contact the DELWP Customer Service Centre:

Reviewed 26 April 2021

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