Wildlife management and control authorisations

How to manage wildlife and apply for an Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW).

In some areas, wildlife can damage property, farmland or the environment. Wildlife can also pose a threat to human safety, or suffer in areas where the species is over-abundant. Wildlife control may be needed to manage the problem.

Wildlife control must be lawful, thoughtful and well planned. It must consider the needs of people to protect their land, property and safety and it must also ensure animal welfare and environmental values are protected.

Landholders or land managers may apply to the Conservation Regulator for an Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW).

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Frequently asked questions

Applying for an ATCW

You can now apply for an ATCW online. The online form can be completed on your mobile device. Using the online form:

  • will ensure that all required information has been included before you submit your application
  • provide instant acknowledgement that your application has been received
  • will email you a copy of your application form for your records
  • help us process your application more efficiently.

Please note that if using the online form, you cannot save a draft – please make sure you have all required information before you start.

You can still apply by downloading a copy of the ATCW application form from the Conservation Regulator website and emailing it or posting to the address specified on the form.

All applications will still go through the same rigorous assessment to ensure they meet the requirements of the Wildlife Act 1975.

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ATCW Application Form (September 2023)
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Help with your application

Download our guidance document to help you fill out your application form. It also shows how we assess applications and what can and cannot be authorised under an ATCW.

Guide to completing an ATCW application
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Wildlife Management Plans

A wildlife management plan is a strategic plan developed to address a wildlife issue in a holistic way. It describes the species causing the issue, the location and site of the problem, and the management actions required to manage the problem. It may be required to support an application to control wildlife.

Find more information on Wildlife Management Plans and when they may apply here.(opens in a new window)

Wildlife management fact sheets

The following fact sheets provide information about wildlife management methods for common wildlife species in Victoria.

Wildlife management methods - kangaroos and wallabies
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Wildlife management methods - possums
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Wildlife management methods - common wombat
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Wildlife management methods - cockatoos and corellas
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The Kangaroo Harvesting Program

Under this program, landholders can use authorised harvesters to control Eastern and Western Grey Kangaroos on their property at no charge and do not need to apply for an ATCW. Unlike an ATCW, where landholders control and dispose of the kangaroos themselves, the harvesting program allows landholders to engage professional harvesters who will undertake the control and will remove the carcasses for commercial use.

To find out more about the KHP and how to contact an approved authorised harvester see https://djpr.vic.gov.au/game-hunting/kangaroo-harvesting.