Research with a focused group of users to improve a product or service

Understand how a product or service that already exists might be improved to better meet the needs of the community or user group.

Design Plan

Option 2:
Learn about a group or community
Time frame: 6 – 10 weeks
Budget: $60,000 – $80,000

How do I do this?

  • Expert interviews or stakeholder workshops


    Interviews with subject matter experts to document their understanding and capture key questions for further research.To uncover and document the known and potential issues with a product or service. Key hypotheses or questions from stakeholders should be identified here.
  • Ethnographic research or user testing (x 16 participants)


    Use ethnographic research for service design or user testing for product design to understand existing use of the product or service and identify pain points and opportunities.
  • Research synthesis


    Ensuring that communication of insights is fit-for-purpose given the audience of the work.

What will I get?

  • Insights report


    The output from user research, containing insights, stories, opportunities or recommendations backed up by evidence.


  • Gains focused insight on a product or service.


  • May not cover diverse experiences of a service or product.