About the Family violence rolling action plan 2017 to 2020

The Rolling Action Plan 2017 to 2020 outlines a vision for a future where Victorians live free from family violence.

The Rolling Action Plan (RAP) 2017 to 2020 is the next step towards implementing all 227 recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

The Rolling Action Plan focuses on the first phase of key initiatives and actions of the 10 Year Plan, including:

  • how they contribute to achieving outcomes
  • how they will be funded
  • the recommendations they deliver on

We’ll invest $1.91 billion in family violence services and reform. 

Investment for each program

  • Prevention = $50.7 million
  • Support and safety hubs = 448.1 million
  • Family Safety Victoria: Delivering our reforms = $60 million
  • Specialist family violence courts = $130.3 million
  • Perpetrator accountability = $76.9 million
  • Safe and stable housing = $133.2 million
  • Police response (part of the $2 billion community safety package)
  • Building our workforce and managing risk = $125.4 million
  • Sharing information more effectively = $101.2 million 

A new Rolling Action Plan will be delivered every 3 years.

Find an online version of the Rolling Action Plan or download the summary or full plan:

Summary of the Rolling Action Plan:

Full Rolling Action Plan: 

Reviewed 29 December 2019

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