Family Violence Flexible Support Packages

Packages to help victims of family violence to improve their safety, wellbeing and independence.

Family Violence Flexible Support Packages (FSPs) deliver personalised and holistic responses that assist child and adult victim survivors of family violence to access support, move out of crisis, stabilise and improve their safety, wellbeing and independence. 

FSPs are available to victim survivors of family violence, including children, and provide access to a range of supports including counselling, education, housing stability, and other practical or material needs.

FSPs can also be used to purchase safety and security responses as part of the Personal Safety Initiative (PSI). This includes property modifications and technology to enable victim survivors of family violence to remain safely in, or return safely to, their homes and communities, or relocate to a new home.

For more detailed information about FSPs, including eligibility, what packages can buy and service requirements, please see the Family Violence Flexible Support Package (FSP) Program Requirements.

For more information on the PSI, please see the Personal Safety Initiative Operational Guidelines.

FSP Portal

Family Safety Victoria (FSV) is developing an online portal that will streamline the application, assessment, approval, and acquittal of FSPs. It will simplify the process for practitioners applying for FSPs on behalf of victim survivors, and will support provider agencies to more effectively and efficiently administer the FSP program across the state.

The FSP Portal will be available in September 2021 and will be the only way of applying to the FSP program.

The design and development of the portal has been informed by extensive consultation with a sector working group consisting of FSP provider and applicant agencies. This co-design approach has enabled the delivery of a solution that is fit-for-purpose and user friendly.

The portal leverages the technology behind the SmartyGrants grant administration system, operated by OurCommunity. FSV is pleased to be partnering with a social enterprise in the delivery of this system.

Benefits of using the portal

The primary benefits of the portal will be:

  • improved equity of access to FSPs for victim survivors of family violence
  • consistent and streamlined processes for practitioners across the state applying for FSPs on behalf of victim survivors
  • reduced administrative burden for FSP provider agencies
  • better quality data to support demand management, service design and planning and outcomes measurement.

Training and support

FSV will offer a range of training and support materials to help new users learn to navigate the system quickly and easily. This will include:

  • online training modules to get users familiar with the system before go-live
  • Frequently Asked Questions and quick reference guides to support users at each step of the process.

Next steps

The portal is currently in the final stages of development and testing. Once the portal is finished, FSV will begin reaching out to future users with information about training and registration.

In the meantime, this page will be the primary source for up-to-date information.

Reviewed 01 July 2021

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