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Innovation through engagement

Strengthen industry and community partnerships to test, trial and rapidly deploy improvements.

Innovation through engagementKey achievements

Active transport data standards - Victoria’s first active transport data standards were developed this year and will help achieve the transport portfolio’s emissions pledge of 25 per cent of all trips via active transport by 2030. They will guide the capture, formatting and sharing of previously disparate data sets, essential for active transport journey planning.

Data, meet user innovation challenge - An open industry innovation challenge is exploring new ways to use data to improve customer experiences. Pilots conducted throughout this year focused on helping passengers navigate busy multi-modal transport precincts and improving last-mile freight deliveries by digitising the kerbside for drivers.

Green Wave - In partnership with the University of Melbourne this pilot initiated in 2021 is trialling Australia’s first intelligent Green Wave which gives cyclists a consecutive run of green lights along selected routes. Currently being trialled on eight Carlton intersections, it will encourage mode shift by making active transport on busy roads safer, smoother and more efficient.

Heavy vehicle alcohol and drugs policy - RSV worked with heavy vehicle industry leaders to develop the heavy vehicle alcohol and other drugs resource under the Towards Zero Action Plan. The aim is to help trucking organisations manage their drug and alcohol risks. The toolkit was recently relaunched and promoted in line with the introduction of 0.0BAC legislation for all heavy vehicle drivers.

VicRoads incident response vehicles - This trial aimed at improving the safety of first responders to freeway roadside incidents.
Beginning on 23 October 2021, the 18-month trial is testing new red and yellow, and red and blue flashing warning lights against current yellow and white lights. The behaviour of passing motorists is captured using CCTV cameras.

The results will help guide RSV’s road safety policies around protecting first responder safety.

Tram Stop Café Supporting Homeless Youth - For Change Co., which runs a hospitality training program for young homeless people, partnered with Yarra Trams to build its latest café in the historic light rail station building at the rebuilt Middle Park tram stop.

The newly rebuilt premises will mean a 30 per cent increase in the number of young people enrolled in the home-to-plate training program through For Change Co.

Transition to online VicRoads services - Victorian learners can now do their learners and hazard test online. In 2021-22, 174,000 people have enrolled in the new online learner test, with 107,000 successful completions and 77,600 permits issued. This year, 77,500 of the 87,600 enrolled were successful.

Trials of mobile and seat belt camera technology - The Department of Justice and Community Safety, in close collaboration with DoT, conducted a new camera technology trial for detecting illegal mobile phone use and seatbelt infringements. The Road Safety Act 1986 has been amended so the technology can be used long term.

Unsafe2safe - Unsafe2safe is a pilot program designed to reduce serious road trauma by incentivising young drivers in regional Victoria to replace their old, unsafe vehicle with a newer, safer one.

The first phase of the trial was launched in February 2022 to 50 young drivers in Ballarat and Bendigo who owned old vehicles with poor safety ratings.

Women in Recreational Fishing Network (WIRF) - The WIRF offers a safe, supportive network for women of all backgrounds and skill levels, with a passion for fishing.