Safe journeys for all

Operate a transport system that is safe and inclusive, and inspires confidence for all journeys and users.

Safe Journeys for all

Key achievements

Roadside workers awareness campaigns - On 26 November 2021, the Department’s ‘Humans on the Road’ campaign was launched to raise awareness around first responder and roadside worker safety.

Better Boating Victoria (BBV) - Some of the ways BBV help deliver safer journeys include:

  • a $33 million Better Boating Fund to improve boating infrastructure, facilities, access and waterway safety
  • over $13 million towards safer boating including better navigation aid, education and support for waterway managers
  • VFA’s Victorian Recreational Boating Strategy
  • $1 million for the new Recreational Boating Access and Dredging Program
  • $2 million to the Recreational Boating Structural Maintenance Program
  • improving parking and pedestrian and boat access.

Bus stop infrastructure upgrades - More than 370 bus stops across Victoria have been upgraded to meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992, ensuring public transport is safe and accessible for all.

Community Road Safety Grants Program - DoT funded 72 organisations to deliver 213 road safety projects in 2021-22. Programs included bike education, safe access to school, roadside signage, and motorised mobility devices.

FlareSafe - The pilot FlareSafe disposal program, a partnership between Maritime Safety Victoria and WorkSafe Victoria collected around 5,000 flares from boating ramp collection points across Victoria.

Motorcyclist safety - Established by DoT, the Motorcycling Community Engagement Panel reports to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety and continued to work directly with riders, community, and safety partners on ways to improve rider safety and promote the benefits of motorcycling.

National recreation boat standard reform - MSV developed a new Australian builders’ plate standard for all new recreational vessels to give boat owners vessel-specific safety information from safe load limits to operating capacities. The new simplified plate makes compliance easier for Australian boat builders and suppliers.

Regional road maintenance - In 2021-22 DoT delivered safer journeys in regional Victoria by:

  • completing more than 1,100 road maintenance projects
  • repairing over 260,000 potholes
  • clearing over 2,000 kilometres of snow
  • attending over 3,200 emergency callouts
  • replacing almost 30,000 signs
  • completing shoulder grading over almost 4,000 kilometres.

Road safety - In 2021-22, DoT delivered safer journeys by investing:

  • $46 million in early road safety initiatives
  • over $300 million in the Commonwealth Road Safety Program Tranche 1, 2 and 3
  • $49.4 million in intersection speed and red-light cameras.

Road Smart - In 2021–22, Road Smart reached 332 Victorian schools, presenting over 1,000 Road Smart in-class sessions to over 25,000 students. Since implementation, the Road Smart program has reached over 140,000 students despite COVID-19 lockdowns.

School Crossing Supervisor Program - The Department funded 3,191 school crossing supervisors (88 more than last financial year) to support safe travel to and from school for children, parents, and carers.

Smarter Roads - The Smarter Roads project has invested in 742 new traffic monitoring cameras and 260 wireless travel time sensors providing unparalleled visibility of incidents and events on the network. More than 130 new staff supported our traffic rapid response teams and the Transport Operations Centre to manage and respond to incidents in real-time.

Public transport voucher program - DoT gave out 250,000 free myki vouchers during December and January to promote a safe return to public transport and reinvigorate Melbourne and regional central business districts (CBDs). The vouchers were available for these five event categories:

  • Christmas events
  • galleries and attractions
  • dining
  • performing arts
  • shopping.

X’Trapolis 2.0 contract - The Government signed a contract with Alstom for 25 new X’Trapolis 2.0 trains. These new trains will be built in Ballarat and will eventually run on the Upfield, Craigieburn, and Frankston lines. Detailed design works have now commenced with manufacturing to start in late 2022.