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Yara's Reclaiming My Story song lyrics

Victim Survivors' Advisory Council member Yara's song lyrics.


Reclaiming my story, reclaiming my life
Just trying to be me again
Just trying to be free
Breathe deeply
Needing to find home
Breathe deeply
Cos hope will come
Change will be ours
Hope will come
Change will be ours

Spoken word

Family violence and sexual abuse
It's one in 3 girls, 1 in 4 boys
its 8 in 10 disabled peoples
I was forced into slavery just to have a roof over my head
When choosing between violence on the streets and violence in my home was never a choice.
No one should be homeless
When there are so many empty homes
My sister suffers more than anyone I know, but she's a warrior too, a survivor of these streets and torture no one should endure or live though
We like many other survivors are still homeless
The sleeplessness, the nightmares, the loss, the grief, the mourning,
For all those who didn’t make it
Never feeling safe
In this endless waiting game for housing

Song verse repeated

Spoken word

We lost too much, always mourning, grieving ...
Lost too many to find peace with anything
Lost my two childhood best friends cos of sexual and family violence
Lost my uncle, lost my cousin
My brother and nieces rest in peace
Almost lost my sister and my other cousins too.
Lost my dog, who was my soul mate, my closest friend growing up, she raised me.
Almost lost myself,
I remember and speak their names, I celebrate their living memories
So when will enough be enough,
To end the sexual and family violence?
In this darkest black hole, I lost so many years in shock
How many more people have to be murdered or die as a result of all the violence?
When will the perpetrators change their behaviours?
And why, why is there so much violence?

Song verse repeated

Reviewed 13 May 2021

Family violence reform

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