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The Victorian Liquor Commission's enforcement takes enforcement action to ensure compliance with the law through specific and general deterrence.

The Victorian Liquor Commission has a graduated response to enforcement. Sanctions applied by the commission for non-compliance increase:

  • with the severity of the breach including the degree of culpability of the offender and the risk or harm to the community from the breach
  • if non-compliance continues or is repeated.

Referrals to other agencies

All matters relevant to infringements outside the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998External Link will be referred to the appropriate enforcement agency. The commission will cooperate with the requests of those agencies and provide statements and evidence if required to do so.

Relationship with Victoria Police

The Victorian Liquor Commission operates in conjunction with Victoria Police, allowing the police to focus on the most serious examples of infringements of liquor laws and areas where known issues of violence and antisocial behaviour have occurred.

Compliance inspectors provide enforcement support to Victoria Police, working in partnership with them and exercising similar powers to enforce liquor licensing laws.

Inspectors can not arrest anyone, however they may enter a private home if they have a search warrant (this requires approval) or if the private home is situated on the licensed premises and the inspector has prior consent from the licensee to enter.

Enforcement actions tools

Risk management discussion

Used to highlight to licensees the areas of operation or practices that need to be addressed. It is not designed to deal with infringements under the Act or licence conditions but to manage the potential risks. Discussions can be used in conjunction with other enforcement options such as infringement or warning notices.

This discussion may include a verbal warning.

    Enforceable undertakings

    • An enforceable undertaking is a legal agreement where a person or organisation abides by certain conditions agreed to with the commission.
    • A list of current enforceable undertakings can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Written warnings

    • A written warning gives the licensee the opportunity to voluntarily return their premises to a compliant state within a particular timeframe.
    • These notices and letters are not part of a formal part of the legislation. However, they are used to track the history of licensees or other parties in terms of non-compliance and may be used at disciplinary proceedings should the non-compliance continue.

    Infringement notices

    • This is issued when there is an infringement of licence conditions under the Act. Infringement notices are used instead of a court appearance. For example, if music is being played outside the hours specified on the licence or if loud or amplified music is detracting from the amenity of the surrounding area.

    Disciplinary action

    • Issues of non-compliance that require suspension or the disqualification of a licence is usually of a serious nature. The approval from the Victorian Liquor Commission is required before any disciplinary action occurs.
    • Disciplinary action is focused on altering the behaviour for the protection of the public through a more tailored response specific to the licensee.
    • A list of disqualified persons or companies can be found at the bottom of this page.

        Criminal prosecution

        • Investigations take place when a serious or deliberate infringement of licence conditions occurs. An example includes the unlicensed sale of liquor or the supply of liquor in a manner other than what is on the liquor licence. In some cases, investigations can result in court proceedings.
        • Approval is required from the Victorian Liquor Commission.

        No action

        • Inspectors may not find any issues of non-compliance or they may use their discretion in reviewing the circumstances of the issue/s of non-compliance to take no further action.

        Note: These tools may be used independently or in combination to achieve the appropriate outcome of compliance.

        Register of undertakings

        We have entered into undertakings with the businesses listed below.

        24 January 2017 - JDOT Pty Ltd

        The undertaking relates to compliance with an acoustic report which is attached to the undertaking.

        3 August 2015 - Jack Poon trading as Karaoke Box Hit Studio

        The undertaking is in place for three years from the date of signature by all parties.

        Disqualified persons or companies

        Several persons and companies have been disqualified from applying for, or holding, a liquor licence for a certain time period.

        For a current list of persons and companies disqualified under the Liquor Control Act 1987 and the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, see below.

        Company / person Years of disqualification Date from Date to
        Steven Kyriacou (pursuant to s93D (1) (e) 1 year 1 July 2022 30 June 2023
        Tomas Mesfun (pursuant to s93D (1) (e) 1 year 1 July 2022 30 June 2023
        SP Burke Pty Ltd 5 years 13 February 2020 13 February 2025
        Stephen Paul BURKE (SP Burke Pty Ltd) pursuant to 93D(1)(a)-(f)” 5 years 13 February 2020 13 February 2025
        CAFÉ HOLDINGS PTY LTD pursuant to s92 Life 30 December 2010 Life
        John NICHOLS (Blarney’s Celtic Affair) - pursuant to s92(1)(a)-(f) 15 years 1 May 2009 1 May 2024
        Duc CAO (323 Restaurant & Bar Karaoke) - pursuant to section 92(1)(a)-(f) 15 years 22 May 2009 22 May 2024
        Paul PAVLOVSKI (The Geelong Hotel) pursuant to s92(1)(a)-(e) 15 years 30 November 2009 30 November 2024
        Kon ROUSSOS (La Porchetta) - pursuant to section 92(1) and sub - sections 92(1)(a)-(f) inclusive 15 years 2 September 2008 2 September 2023
        Philip KALOS (La Porchetta, Colac) - pursuant to section 92(1) and sub - sections 92(1)(a)-(f) inclusive 15 years 2 September 2008 2 September 2023
        Jack DOUMANI (Red Lion Hotel, Kilmore) - pursuant to section 92(1)(a)-(f) inclusive 15 years 17 November 2008 17 November 2023
        Alexander MARKOVSKI (Gajda Junior Café & Grill Pty Ltd] pursuant to section 92(1)(a) to (f) 15 years 16 October 2008 16 October 2023
        Dwayne Michael LORD (Inkerman Hotel) - pursuant to s92(1)(a) to (f) 20 years 8 May 2007 8 May 2027
        Simon SAYFE (Hugo Lounge Melbourne) - pursuant to s92(1)(a)-(f) 20 years 25 July 2007 25 July 2027
        Colin OCCHIETTI (Backstreet Bar) 25 years 22 June 2001 22 June 2026
        Denis SMITH Life 28 September 2000 Life
        Kerry ASHFORD Life 26 October 2000 Life

        Reviewed 02 April 2023


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